Every story has a beginning


Italian Origin

I grow up in the north-eastern of Italy, Veneto region where my father is having a factory in Murano for Chandeliers, vases and venetian glasses after my graduation my father was not able to stop me there to work with him and to follow his business.

Gelato as Profession

I decided to work in a company in the Gelato field in Italy as an export director and was lucky enough to have a chance to travel and visit different countries including the United Arab Emirates.

The Decision 1998

In 1998; I decided that UAE was the right place where to start my own business, So I started as a distributor for the best Italian brand of Gelato Equipment and Gelato Ingredients in order to help and educate the people of United Arab Emirates and GCC the real taste of Italian Gelato and its differences.

Finally My childhood dream becomes a reality, and now our mission is to let you enjoy each bite you take and let you reminisce the happiness of your childhood memories.