Not only nickname the fruits of Gods for the beneficial power the ALFONSO is the king of mangoes for the unique quality non fibrous very sweet and pulpy.


Vanilla gelato served with espresso coffee. Classic affogato is made with two cups vanilla gelato to one shot of espresso. it’s a traditional Italian coffee-dessert where hot espresso is poured over gelato. It’s coffee, dessert, and an after-dinner drink, all rolled into one. The contrast of hot, coffee with cold, creamy ice cream is utter perfection.


This is an antique fruit originally middle eastern and landed in the coast of Sicily that why we choose the perfect green from the Mawardi strains and intense fragrant taste of the Bronte Pistachio from the Emerald Coast of Sicily.


We decide to put the best varieties of chocolate of the worlds together; Ecuador, Venezuela and Peru for getting a full and lasting chocolate sensation. One famous for its floral aroma and for the notes of dried fruits and combined with smokiness and woody notes flavor.


Sweet, creamy heavenly thing. If you were wondering how I would like to spend every December evening, it is curled up, wrapped around a warm mug of hot chocolate. Bonus points if that hot chocolate is topped with freshly whipped cream and a heavy sprinkle of chopped dark chocolate.